Gail Edmonds

Gail is an accomplished Sydney artist, who has been painting for over 20 years.

Gail's portfolio is as eclectic as her art and its themes; from abstract and semi-abstract acrylic works using bold drippy colours; each work displaying a density of colour and emotional fluidity.

To monochromatic arid landscapes where Gail draws inspiration from the colours, textures and atmosphere of Australia's dramatic landscapes; along with industrial scenes; both symbols of hope and hopelessness; both interpreted in terms of beauty and austerity.

Gail's other passion is painting figurative works using Asian ink wash techniques; these paintings are rendered fluid, emotional and dramatic in charcoal , amber and chocolate hues.

Gail has a deep love and concern for the protection and preservation of animals. Gail continues to hold exhibitions for organisations such as the The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Foundation; which Gail raised over $9,000; as well as personally donating and sponsoring 3 orphaned elephant calves.

"Award Winning Sydney Artist with a Passion for Animal Conservation & Philanthropy"

m. 0407 665 764

Artist portfolio…

‘Man About Town Series I’

Acrylic on canvas
620 x 920mm

‘Man About Town Series II’

Acrylic on canvas
620 x 920mm

‘Man About Town Series III’

Acrylic on canvas
620 x 920mm