Catherine Tate

Catherine Tate

Catherine Tate is a Sydney-based contemporary ceramic artist who works from her Malabar studio. With a background in graphics and a creative eye for design these influence her work.

Catherine studied a bachelors of Graphic Design in the UK was brought out to Australia as a fashion editor later starting an advertising agency working as an art director. In 2010 she decided to study ceramics at TAFE in Sydney. Catherine Teaches Ceramics at Waverley Woollaraha art school in Bondi and at Claypool studios in Botany.

On one hand Catherine’s work is informed by architecture and interiors – from contemporary minimalism to ancient architecture in rich decay. On the other influenced by coastal landscapes and the lush headlands that surround her.

Catherine looks for patterns, textures and the rhythm of the natural world. She uses a mixture of stoneware clays and an array of coloured glazes, slips and oxides to bring her hybrid landscapes to life.

Catherine's painted marks reflect everything from the waves washing to the shore the geology of the rock patterns and rock pools with their sea life.

You’ll also see textures drawing on memories of peeling plaster walls – rough and chalky – yet in part still holding the pigments and rich history of time past.

“I work in a considered way creating designed pieces with strong shapes often in white then my brain needs to flip to the other side to create pieces with more spontinaity that’s where I become more free flowing intuitive which I feel brings a freshness to my work, its always evolving.”

Artist portfolio…

‘Ocean 1'
‘Ocean 3'
‘Ocean 2'
‘Rainbow Beach 3 & 4'
‘Byron Bay 3 & 4'
‘Hynes Beach Group'
‘Wattamolla 7'
‘Mollymook 11'
‘Wattmolla 8'
‘Miro 1'
‘Sapphire Beach 11'
‘Bowl 1'