Sabina Morrow

Sabina Morrow is a printmaker from Sydney, Australia. She creates a variety of line, texture and colour, with many types of plates also known as matrices. These include zinc, copper, aluminium and high-impact plastic, and Sabina explores this variety and surprising results these different surfaces bring alone or as multi plate prints.

Sabina painted for many years before experimenting with printmaking. While there are many similarities in all artmaking, printmaking involves technical processess including the use of acids and salts for etching, inks and rollers, and of course a press for transferring the image from the plate to the paper.

Although printmaking has been practised for centuries, traditional methods don’t confine the artworks to traditional results. Printmaking is only confined by the imagination. In addition to the usual processes, Sabina likes to work with stencils, glues, and fine papers – chine collé – which is then incorporated into the image.

The compositions that Sabina creates are inspired by the world around her. These include the fluid lines of figure drawing, the lines and shapes of the Australian bush, or everyday items with their own intrinsic shapes and interest. Travelling around the country and overseas provides a variety of subjects and a fresh look at the everyday.

Prints are usually editioned; the printing of a number of the same prints. Sabina’s prints are very often a Unique State – US – meaning only one exists, or is one of a very limited edition. These details are clearly noted on the print.

Commissions have included requests for a print exploring a very personal interpretation of the life of a significant other, or the celebrating of an important milestone in someone’s life. Always a challenge, the end result is most rewarding.

Sabina has exhibited her works on paper at the previous Hunters Hill Art Gallery, as well as at Art Gallery on Darling – AGOD – as a guest artist.

Her works has been selected and shown in the Hunters Hill Art Prize, and the Lane Cove Art Prize where she has received commendations for her entries.

Sabina actively supports fund raising exhibitions and has been invited to contribute regionally at the Packsaddle exhibition in Armidale, community and school art shows, and at the ANZA Charity Ball and Art Show in Seoul 2015.

“I am delighted to have the opportunity of working and exhibiting with the current AGOD artists, each of whom brings her/his unique style to the gallery. This not only makes the gallery exciting for the artists, but offers a range of styles of artmaking for the viewers.”

Artist portfolio…

‘Life's Rich Tapestry’

330x550cm, Framed Relief Print


350x550cm, Framed Relief print


160x130cm, Drypoint print

‘Fresia Fun’

120 x 120


250 x 170

'White Hot Plains’

380 x 280

‘Rodin figure’

200 x 250

‘Beauty beneath my feet’

180 x 240