Gillian Johnston

Gillian is an artist of observation. Her still life paintings render her observations of quiet moments of everyday, domestic objects.

From a bottle half filled with water to an urban landscape, her paintings observe the presence and stillness of the object seen in a moment in time.

Removed from their context, the subject matter of Gillian’s paintings is not driven by telling a narrative but, rather by capturing the intrigue that first caught her eye.

‘Gillian Johnston - Director Of Art Gallery On Darling’

m. 0419 989 011

Artist portfolio…

‘Still Life with Green Vase’

40cm x 40cm
Oil on Board.

‘Bells Bottle’

22cm x 30cm
Oil on Canvas

‘Birds in a Row’

36cm x 38cm
Acrylic on Canvas Boards

‘Vertical Birds’

64cm x 18cm
Acrylic on Canvas Boards

‘A Touch of Blue’

500mm x 500mm
Acrylic on Canvas

‘Grey Flowers’

600mm x 600mm
Acrylic on Canvas

‘Summer Florals’

600mm x 750mm
Acrylic on Canvas