Helen Leete

HELEN LEETE loves to make sculptures. These days she works mainly in bronze, and mostly commissions for private collectors and organizations.

There are several of her public sculptures around Sydney, which include "Earthmother" in the Royal Botanic Gardens near the Opera House, "Oceanides" in the ocean, off Fairy Bower, "Kata Tjuta Earth Ancestors" in Bancroft Sculpture Park, Roseville, "Landscape Form" Macquarie University, etc. and also many semi-public commissioned works in public places. For a full list see her website However, the vast majority of her bronze sculptures, including several fountain complexes, are in private collections and gardens in Australia, Britain, America, Japan, Italy and Singapore.

She has found that working quietly, with a low profile, she can create with more authenticity and soul.

Her unique and distinct styles include the huge landscape forms, and the tall semi-figurative forms, but she also on occasions makes quite realistic figurative forms, as the trend toward re-connecting with nature, and our own humanity, gains momentum.

She studied Fine Arts at Cape Town University and new Art Studies at the College of Fine Art, University of N.S.W. and Cambridge, England. She still enjoys tutoring sculpture, and in the past, taught H.S.C. Art for many years.

She has exhibited widely, both one man and group shows, including Sculpture by the Sea, where she was awarded the Art Gallery Society Prize for a site Specific installation, and has been short listed for the Wynne Prize at the Art Gallery of NSW. She has also won many other awards and first prizes for sculpture.

Helen’s larger works and outdoor sculptures can be viewed at “The Sculpture Garden Gallery” in St Ives. Text 0425 032 098 for details.

Artist portfolio…

‘At the Still Point, Manly’
‘Botanic Gardens Earthmother'
‘Fountain Group’
‘Arched Back Manly’
‘Awakening Bronze’
‘circular tantra’
‘Earth ancestors’
‘Leap 9’
‘Lotus Fountain’
‘Muse semi abstract’
‘Naiads 5’
‘Oceanides bigger 2’
‘Tanra Bondi’