Robyn Chantal Smith

Born into a family of artists, Robyn Chantal moved to the USA as a young married woman where she had a family and lived for the next 13 years.

In 2001 the family settled in Australia where they now permanently reside.

Robyn has had numerous successful exhibitions, selling both in the USA and Australia, she is a member of the NSW sculpture society.
She draws inspiration from all the woman in her life both past and present. Her life has been shaped by both triumph and tragedy which is reflected in her work.

Her work celebrates what it means to be a woman, exploring experiences and emotions in their lives. The woman are very tactile, inviting you to touch and explore their curves.
All the sculpture are available in either a cold poured resin or bronze in various patinas. They are limited to an edition of 8, each one unique in the patina chosen.

m. 0418 430 239

Artist portfolio…

‘CELESTE KNEELING in a traditional Bronze'
‘WE ARE ONE in a traditional Bronze’
‘CELESTE LOUNGING in a hand Painted Resin’